Elisa Miller Fine-Art Photography

Eyes Without a Face

This self-portrait series and its accompanying short film delve into the significance of images in our modern society and how they impact our mental health. It serves as a visual metaphor for the various masks we wear in social situations.

Inspired by the character of Christiane from the iconic French horror film Les Yeux sans visage - Eyes without a Face, directed by Georges Franju in 1960, Miller’s work brings a fresh perspective to the story. While the film is typically classified as a horror movie, the character's tragic experiences transform the message. With its poignant themes of the loss of her image, the film can easily be viewed as a modern drama.

This is particularly relevant in today's society where the pressure to present a curated and idealized version of ourselves has become increasingly prevalent. As a consequence, many people have experienced anxiety and depression due to their perceived inadequacy in comparison to the images they see online.