Elisa Miller Photographer

Like Someone in Love

When I started to work on Like Someone in Love, I was looking for some look inspiration for my bride. The late 60s style of Sharon Tate's wedding dress caught my attention, and her hairstyle was exactly what I was after.

Coincidence of the internet, the same day on my IG feed, I came across some photos of her and Richard Beymer taken on a beach, years before her wedding with Polanski, when she was at the time briefly engaged with Beymer. Of course, my mind started wandering about destiny, crossroads where you choose a direction, which leads you toward something that could have been so different if you had chosen the other way.

That's also what my series is about. Destiny, choices, lack of alternatives, scared of change, alternate reality and parallel universes.

From the series The Others

Elisa Miller's new series, "The Other," poses questions of identity and invites us to consider the limited possibilities of expressing one's true self. Limitations that we can feel due to society, our domestic situation, or even us. The modern world is still a difficult place for women, alas.

Taking inspiration from the famous quote of French author Jean-Paul Sartre "Hell is other people", these staged photos explore our self-limiting beliefs and our desire to fit in, and the gap between our true selves and what we are expected to be.

What if hell isn't actually other people - but the things we do to ourselves?